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During my final year of studying graphic communications, I developed a business plan and produced materials from thumbnail sketches to the final production stage for an imaginary business of my own creation. This project culminated my four years of study, incorporating the design, print, and bindery processes.

The Burrow is a book cafe that offers a variety of coffee, tea, bakery, and lunch products and expects to appeal to customers with its rooms themed after book genres.

Visual Brand Board

The Burrow Visual Brand Board.jpg

Take-Home Box Package Design

The Burrow Package Design Open.jpg
The Burrow Package Design Back.jpg
The Burrow Package Design Inside.jpg

Event Invitation

The Burrow Print Invitation and Brochure
The Burrow Invitation.jpg


The Burrow Printed Poster.PNG
The Burrow Poster.jpg


The Burrow Printed Brochure.jpg
The Burrow Brochure 1.jpg
The Burrow Brochure 2.jpg
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